Exhibition in gallery P / A Warmoestraat 145 in Amsterdam, 1996.
Participation theme exhibition 'Een Beestenboel' in gallery De Genieloods Aalsmeer, 1998.
Participation theme exhibition 'Still life' in gallery De Genieloods Aalsmeer, 1999.
Exhibition Salon IV, NBKS Breda, 1999.
Solo exhibition in printing office Salsedo Breda, March-May 2000.

Exhibition in the old music school Haagdijk Breda, October 2000.
Group exhibition at Kunstgaanderij Oncle Jean Breda, April-May 2001.
Exhibition "Alkmaarders Choosing Art' art library Alkmaar, May-September 2001.
Solo exhibition at SyMetic Gorinchem (H-19 Center for Art and Culture, Oosterhout), June-July-August, 2001.

Participation in Art Manifestation West-Brabant, 'Backyard of Delights' Willemstad, 1-30 September 2001.

Participation in Open Ateliers Breda, October 27-28, 2001.
Solo exhibition Moerdijk town hall, Zevenbergen, May 2002.

Solo exhibition Catholic University Nijmegen, Nijmegen, June 15-July 15, 2002.
Group exhibition at headquarters FNV-KIEM, Amsterdam, May 19-16 november 2002.
Duo exhibition gallery Serruys, Rotterdam, 11 August-8 September 2002.
Solo exhibition at Alternatief Costuumverhuur, Amsterdam, April-December 2002.
Exposition Akzo Nobel, three consecutive locations in Arnhem, 5-12-2002 to 10- 5-2003.
Corridors exhibition at NBKS, Breda, 26 October 2003 to 4 January 2004.
Duo exhibition in gallery 31 Volt, Haarlemmerdijk 31, Amsterdam, 1 February to 1 April 2004.
Duo exhibition in Galerie van Lubeck, Kanaalweg 6, Heiloo, 19 March to 25 April 2004.
Loan of artwork 'Gain the victory' for recording episode TV series 'Baantjer', 2005. 
Solo exposition restaurant Nul70, Denneweg 27, The Hague, April-May 2006.
Participation 'Spijkerexposite', 25 years old existence VAK, the Bomhuis Breda, 10-18 June 2006.
Participation exhibition 'Party', on 25th anniversary of the Gemeente Museum Helmond, January-April 2007.

Museum of Lien, 'A party ..., to watch!' Group exhibition, Fijnaart, 05-2009-27-12-2009.

Jubilee exhibition 'DE TIJD VLIEGT', group expo for 30 years of art library Voorburg, 21 April 2012.
Solo exhibition at the Martinushuis in St-Oedenrode, August 2012.

Artworks in the collection of following art libraries: Oosterhout, Zoetermeer, Gorinchem, Hardenberg, Breda, Alkmaar, Zwolle, Rijswijk, Almelo, Voorburg and several works of art in Gelderland.